Copper Theft

Subject: [MPD-5D] Fifth District Officers Make an Arrest for Burglary Involving Copper Theft Fifth District Officers were made aware of a trend where Copper is being taken from homes, vacant dwellings and buildings under construction. Armed with that information, Fifth Police District Units have patrolled these areas with an emphasis on increasing visibility, detecting suspicious activity and locating those involved in these thefts. This morning while on targeted patrol, Fifth District Officers made a significant arrest for Burglary Involving Copper Theft. On Friday, March 15, 2013 at approximately 9:37 AM, a concerned citizen observed two individuals carrying copper pipes on the abandoned grounds of Webb Elementary School in the 1300 block of Mt. Olivet Road, NE. The witness observed two individuals carrying Copper pipes and acting on a hunch noted their descriptions as well the description of a Mini Van parked near by. The witness alerted MPD and a detailed look out was broadcast. Fifth Police District Officers Duane Davis and Gary Walker while canvassing the area observed the vehicle at the intersection of Mt Olivet/Bladensburg Road, NE and conducted a traffic stop in the 1300 block of Bladensburg Rd. NE. Fifth District Detective Dexter Martin responded and armed with the information provided, took one individual into custody. Taken as evidence was the Mini Van, tools and Copper pipe. The Fifth Police District Command Staff, under the leadership and direction of Commander Solberg, wish to again share with you another example of the hard work, dedication and effort put forth by our Officers. This is just another example of what can be accomplished when you, our residents and Officers work together to with a common goal of reducing crime and the fear of crime here within our community. Mark Beach