Burglars can strike at almost any time and on almost any target. But burglars particularly
like targets that look vulnerable. So if you’re traveling this summer, make sure you take a few
minutes to plan how to help keep your home and your possessions secure while you’re away.
The primary goal is to make your home look “lived in” (almost all burglars prefer homes
where residents clearly aren’t home). That means arranging to have your newspaper deliveries
stopped and your mail collected by a trusted neighbor. If you’re going to be away for a couple
of weeks, it may be a good idea to have someone mow your lawn. It’s probably best not to put
your garbage cans out for pickup—or, alternatively, arrange to have a neighbor take in your
can after the collection date. Empty trash cans left at the curb or in an alley for several days
can be a sure-fire sign that no one is home. Inside, set timers to turn on lights—as well as radio
or television sets—in various rooms at various times of the day. And don’t change your voice
mail message or your email reply to indicate that you are “out of town.”