The MPDt’s Police Ride-Along program allows residents to accompany officers during their tour of duty in a police vehicle. “Ride-Along” means to be an official passenger in a patrol vehicle, accompanying a police officer during part of a normal tour of duty. The primary purpose of a police Ride-Along is to provide an opportunity for the community to see firsthand the day-to-day workings of law enforcement in the District of Columbia. The Ride-Along participant receives important insight into what it means to be a police officer. Criminal Justice students and individuals interested in law enforcement careers have found it particularly useful. The Ride-Along program fosters a better understanding of the challenges, hazards and rewards of the police officer’s role in the community. Other Ride-Along goals are to: provide citizens the opportunity to get to know their police officers; offer citizens interested in a career in law enforcement an opportunity to examine the job; educate the community about the responsibilities of police officers; and provide an opportunity for police officers to get to know their community.